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Genre : shadow rap
[VERSE I: PAPA PINE] ruby smoking like he's haunted big blunt i light the front end me and my bitch, we keep it 80/20 get it how i want it double cup i fuckin double deck sippin piss i'm sippin tussinex told that bitch i'm cutting necks pulling out her throat while i pull up in the fucking benz told her fucking friends "ruby ain't that cool in person" so i asked her fucking friends if it was cool if i insert snatch their purses now i'm counting all this money practice makes it perfect money can't buy you happiness all my life i fucking heard it but money can buy a lot of drugs at least enough to last me shit, i think i fucking earned it earned it ain't got a purpose what's worse is a deserve it [VERSE II: YUNG $CARCROW] smoking on the bud sac ounces of that indo paranoid illusions tap the gun against the window substance in my lungs slow motion benz cruising masked up insuing rob cuz of overusing 6 double 6 elements never quit or dope sick the d the o the p the e i'm always on a chase to hit up outer space ain't no case where i don't need it every fucking day when you see us yeah you know we're on them fucking drugs percocets, xanax, roxycodone crush em up snort it top notch bud crop maybe quit later fuck that til i'm dead i am popping medication
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