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Genre : shadow rap
[VERSE I: LIL CUT THROAT] i got the gun to my head soaked in that bloody red i'm coming out of my body i can't let go of the shotty $carecrow the fucking almighty smoking on pages of bible lurking whenever the night come only a few i respect the rest i would piss on em dead the best that you came across yet $UICIDE gods of the dead ego gave you a big head i got the the gun to my head never been scared of the end you busters stay stuck on pretend i been fucked up since a kid [VERSE II: LIL OOZING] back in 2015 i thought we were knee deep in the snake pit or so it seemed but 2 years later i'm up to my neck in a slithery death hissing whispers to my spleen i've had friends end up dead to me now they're my enemies enemies turning to friends at least now they'll be bending knees now they'll be sending these threats i regret that we met yeah you say its on sight bitch you know i dont fret bitch you know i never gave a fuck about a favorite fuck maybe you could learn a thing or two about how to be a favorite fuck you lil hoe 10 toes down with 10 tagged toes 10 hoes down with whatever i know you act like 10 hoes bound to the way shit go
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